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April 4, 2017

Residential Garage Door Collection

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The Canyon Ridge Series offers a complete portfolio of design options for homeowners who love the look of wood, but not the upkeep. Constructed of durable, low-maintenance steel and composite, these faux wood alternatives offer the best of both worlds – the realism and beauty of a natural-stained wood appearance combined with the strength and energy efficiency of insulated steel. With an extensive selection of overlays, designs, decorative hardware and finish colors available, there is a design to complement any home style and budget.


- Half-inch thick polymer composite cladding and overlay materials are molded from actual wood to replicate the species’ natural texture and intricate grain patterns
- Five-layer construction: steel + insulation + steel + full cladding + overlay
- 2″ Intellicore® insulation with thermal break. R-value of 20.4.
- Available composite cladding materials are Clear Cypress, Mahogany and Pecky Cypress
- Available composite overlay materials are Clear Cypress and Mahogany
- Factory-finish options are Walnut, Dark, Medium and Whitewash. Doors can be ordered primed for those homeowners wishing to custom paint or stain their doors.
- Impact Windows available
- Replaceable vinyl-bottom weather seal in rust-free aluminum retainer helps protect against the elements
- High-performance nylon ball bearing rollers help ensure smooth, long-lasting, quiet operation
- Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel hinges and brackets provide smooth and worry-free operation
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